“DEI is top of mind for virtually all executives regardless of the sector that they are leading in. This book highlights the key principles that are critical to success in any change effort: courage, leadership, collaboration, and trust. With compelling and detailed case studies, readers will learn how to put these principles into action.”
Jane Wei-Skillern, Senior Fellow, Center for Social Sector Leadership, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

“The ultimate reward for truly innovating to form more diverse teams is a culture of belonging, which is absolutely necessary for any company that wants dazzling performance. I’ve was excited and inspired by the case studies that show how great leaders are shifting from just a compliance view of DE&I to building teams where everyone is motivated to be exponential.”
Earl Newsome, Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Cummins and Co-Founder, TechPACT

“This book dispels the notion that innovation and diversity are incompatible. It shatters the long held belief that change must be slow. It demonstrates in tangible ways using present day examples how companies large and small can radically improve their diversity efforts and in so doing enhance the bottom line.”
Larry Quinlan, Board Director and Former Global Chief Information Officer, Deloitte

“When it comes to DEI, saying the right thing is easier than doing the right thing. Through eye- opening stories and data, this book specifies the mindsets, metrics, and methods to realize growth pathways for people and businesses of all sizes. The authors provide perceptive questions to discern root causes of deleterious fixed practices and principles. Equally important, they illustrate the leadership behaviors plus organizational tools which create conditions for the maximum number of diverse people to flourish and collectively accelerate innovation.”
Roselinde Torres, Leadership Expert and TED Speaker

“The authors of ‘Innovating for Diversity” bring us inspiring examples of corporate leaders courageous enough to question established practices and make substantive changes in the way they recruit, hire, develop, and advance employees. In doing so, these innovators teach us a valuable lesson: Creating truly diverse, inclusive, and innovative workplaces is good for people—and good for business”
Maria Flynn, President and CEO, Jobs for the Future

“Meaningful diversity and equity practices are essential to the success of any organization, and I can think of no better guides through this complex process than Bertina and Susanne. ‘Innovating For Diversity’ should be on the bookshelf of every manager and business leader in this country. The case studies are unique and illuminating, the advice is practical and adaptable, and readers will no doubt walk away inspired and committed to create work cultures grounded in inclusion.”
Dr. Tarika Barrett, CEO, Girls Who Code

“Having been on my own journey through life and career as a leader who happens to be Latino, I have my own stories to tell. Often, we get caught up in the emotion and the cause, that data and facts are overlooked. I was moved and inspired by this book that brings the business cases, the stories and for me the cultural root causes to life. We can keep talking DEIB, but this is a timely read of real wisdom and data that will impact the future of life and work in America.”
Guillermo Diaz Jr., Founder and CEO Conectado Chair HITEC, Board Member, Former CIO Cisco Systems

“I was so moved by the candid conversations of the executives featured in this book, and by how the authors captured their authentic, vulnerable emotions. The reflections offered in these pages should serve as a roadmap for companies who are striving to develop meaningful, measurable, and impactful DEI strategies.”

Viola Maxwell-Thompson, CEO and Board Director 

“This timely, inspiring book holds a mirror to the business world, lifting the lid on poorly implemented DEI strategies and showing the pitfalls before guiding the way to success through examples, hard data and fresh ideas. The result is a powerful case for the courage and humility to lean into our humanity so we can reap the full benefits of more genuinely diverse, kinder, safer, more creative and more exciting workplaces.”
Peter Mousaferiadis, Founder and CEO, Cultural Infusion

In ‘Innovating for Diversity,’ [the authors] explore the humble but crucial role that diversity plays in driving innovation and vice versa. Through a series of case studies of large enterprises and small businesses, the authors provide a roadmap for organisations looking to foster a more diverse culture while identifying and dismantling systemic barriers to innovation. With its timely and relevant insights, “Innovating for Diversity” is a must-read for business leaders focused on increasing retention and driving competitive advantage in today’s world.”
Rajesh Jethwa, Chief Technology Officer, Digiterre

“The authors offer a unique presentation which makes inclusion initiatives more relevant to those across the professional spectrum, not solely those in the C-Suite, based on one key tenet: that acknowledging the existence of imperfections is the first step to allowing real innovation to flourish. This book allows readers the opportunity to challenge existing presuppositions and think critically about future initiatives.”
Richard Gardner, CEO, Modulus

“As [the authors] state early in the book, ‘diversity drives innovation’. Innovation is how we compete in an increasingly global economy. This is just one of many reasons that DEI has finally gotten the attention it deserves over the past few years, and this is one of the most timely and pivotal books I think has been released on the topic yet! Throughout these pages, these two women break down time and again the cutting edge of this rapidly expanding and crucial piece of business. With this book, how DEI works, and how to maximize it for your business (small or large) will make sense! It is well worth the read.”
Stephanie Scheller, Founder, Grow Disrupt

“[The authors] have successfully presented a framework for DEI and not simply a checklist of things to do. [The] book helps executive leaders to see the fundamental reasons why DEI is imperative beyond the monetary benefits…This book is a beautiful symbiosis of diversity in action.”
Meiko S. Patton, Author

“Innovating for Diversity blesses us with powerfully, well thought out and practical strategies that explores the deepest issues confronting organizations across individuals of all sizes in the area of Diversity and Inclusion. More importantly it helps us put several issues that occur in our organizations into perspective. This book has fundamental and empowering information that we all need.”
Omu Obilor, CEO, Thrive with Omu